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The Fourth Row Bridge in Edinburgh

Check Out The Fourth Row Bridge

Go over to Edinburgh and See the big bridge, well worth a visit.

scott Monument in Edinburgh Scotland

Visit A Monument

When you come over to Scotland why not visit Scott Monument? Great place to visit.

castle in Edinburgh

A Scottish Castle

You can't come to Scotland with out visiting a Castle. They are legendary.

We Love To Travel

Travelling does lots of things, including; developing knowledge, widening your thoughts, relaxing one’s mind and helping you to embrace other cultures.

It’s a wonderful thing and there are so many great things to see. My passion is Scotland, I come from England and moved to Scotland some years ago. Why? Well initially because my wife is Scottish but now because I love the land.

Why hear, there isn't any sun! There is more to life than sun and you do get the occasional day :-) The hill walking is amazing, the scenery is breath taking and the events and culture are just unbeatable (in my view).

Why wait, get you bags packed and get on the move!

There is everything you need in this wonderful place; from a highland B&B, to SEOcompanyEdinburgh.co.uk and whisky distilleries .

If you can't find it in these lands then you won't find what you need anywhere! A little extreme but I do love it. I know there are more places in the world that are great but I do recommend coming over to see us in the Scotty land.

Everyone has a different aim when it comes to travel. Some travel for heat, other adventure and then you get the family holidays. You can get all of this and lots more. Well you may struggle with the heat unless you go inside or do a lot of exercise to generate the heat!

Adventure holidays can include climbing some of the glorious hills and mountains, to going to adventure parks or setting walking challenges. Family holidays maybe taken at; adventure parks, caravan/lodge parks or at nice hotels.

If you want to relax and take a load off your feet then why not find a nice hotel with a loch view and just relax with a glass of wine. Or if you want the extreme drink that wine and go playing water sports on the loch.

Back packing is also great as you can hope across the tiny Islands to see what they all have to offer. I went over to a few and the experience was wonderful.

From whisky tasking to bike riding or even city breaks, its all available with a great culture around it.

This is all my view though; I have put some great resources through the website to help you get a better and maybe less bias opinion of the place. If you have any questions I would love to try and help so place do contact me using the contact page.